Large vs Small – challenging the misconceptions

It’s not size that matters….it sounds obvious, but there are parallels in all aspects of life. I went to a school with 50 kids and then a school with over 2000 kids. The strengths and weaknesses were different and could not be generalised to other schools. This applies to our village compared to the metropolis – the welfare of inhabitants are determined by many factors.

The UBC team have done another excellent job of reviewing the evidence and showing the same principles may apply to large vs small herds. The fact some people perceive large dairies as factory farms shows the lack of depth with which we judge the modern farmer. Some farmers demonstrate the modern day factory standards can be applied to care of staff, quality of production and most importantly, care of animals in a positive way. Of course there are good and bad in any production system but when you ask yourself which farm would you rather be on then you might start asking the right, in-depth questions.

To read the article please follow this link: Is Animal Welfare Better on Smaller Farms?