RoMS accredited Mobility Scoring Workshop

RoMS accredited mobility score training is offered at HHC. Mobility is an important metric, allowing specific and measurable targets for improvement or sustained performance. Managing foot health is a priority for any dairy producer. To manage properly we need standardised metrics and KPIs.

RoMS provides a means of quality assuring scorers who are supplying data for important herd decisions or to provide quality assurance to milk buyers. Scoring systems require interpretation and this course not only achieves greater consistency in scorers but provides a wealth of hints and tips to make delivering a scoring service more professional.

ROMS accredited mobility score

Next RoMS accredited mobility score training: May 1st. On Farm with Nick Bell

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What you get with RoMS accredited mobility score training:

  • An understanding of how to make the most of mobility scores for herd foot health management
  • Practical pointers on increasing reliability of scoring
  • Ideas on how to add value
  • Protocols for applying early detection and prompt effective treatment
  • Standardisation to help pass the calibration exam for RoMS
  • A fun, informal, engaging day of learning

Why this course:

A fun and friendly workshop, with lots of opportunity to discuss ideas as well as…

  • The most experienced trainer with 17 years of training experience in mobility scoring
  • Expertise in standardisation of scores
  • International publications on the AHDB scoring method, and the score which led to the AHDB score (we’ll examine the first draft of the MDC score)
  • Data analysis insights with >11,000 cows scores a year analysed
  • Real case examples
  • Lots of practical insights from scoring on >150 different farms around the world
  • Join the RoMS register (£35 annual joining fee)

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