Most of my work and interest relates to herd health (and antibiotic auditing to gain insights into herd health), infectious disease control (BVD, Johne’s etc), lameness, mastitis metabolic, metabolic health, uterine health and a whole range of topics related to cow comfort, care and welfare. Here are the websites I visit most frequently.

AMU: Guidance on antimicrobial resistance and responsible use of antibiotics

WHO Critically Important antibiotics including high priority:
Reserve, watch, access groups:
European medicine agency:
UK sales records:

Cow comfort:

Dairyland initiative – thanks to Nigel Cook and team

Evidence-based veterinary medicine

RCVS knowledge

Infectious disease:

BVD: BVD free England

Cattle health certification standards: Checs 

Johnes: Action Johne’s


Cattle hoofcare standards board

Healthy Feet Website –

Register of mobility scorers –

Mastitis: Mastitis control plan (thanks to Andrew Bradley, James Breen and Martin Green)

Metabolic disease – my head, so I will add pages

Nutrition: NRC (note this is a free download of a very good book)

Uterine health – none, so I will add pages here

Water quality: Professor David Beede (MSU) – this chap is brilliant

Welfare: my head but also


See Dairyland/CowComfort above

Farmed Animals regs

Welfare codes

RSPCA standards