Hoof trimming

There are two options for foot trimming training:

  1. Attend a formal training course. Nick is one of the instructors on the RAU level 4 course (click here for details)
  2. Staff training on own farm. This works well for making assessments of equipment and challenges specific to a farm

Lameness and foot health courses can be tailored to dairy staff, trimmers, consultants, industry and vets. Normal courses will include:

  • 5 step method.
  • Balance of theory and practical according to need.
  • Minimum of 2 instructors per 8 students
  • Instructors are qualified in hoof trimming, treatment and instructing.
  • Instructors with 1st aid qualifications
  • Trimming equipment can be provided.
  • 2 -4 days duration according to experience and requirement (note 2 days will allow basic 5 step and application of blocks to be covered while 4 days allow for progression onto a range of more challenging cases)Foot health – control and prevention of sole ulcers, white line and digital dermatitis
  • First aid for feet – short course on pain detection, lesion detection, lesion recording, block application and other lame cow treatments
  • Qualification possible (by Nick or by 3rd party independent assessor)