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Actiphage for Johne’s and bTB

Actiphage looks the test of choice for confirming Johne’s status of cows positive by milk Elisa, but it also has potential for bTB eradication. However, the laws on the use of novel bTB tests are strict. More information can be found here. More details about the lab providing the Actiphage test can be found here.

Polled genes at 5%

Polled sires come at a cost in terms of lag in production, but it’s not a major sacrifice and the performance improvement is at a similar rate to the best sires. If ever there was a case for restricted gene editing this is it. Take a look at this (non-peer reviewed) article.

Monitoring cow comfort

Thanks to Sam from Radio York for the chance to talk about “Fit Bit for cows”. The affordability of 3d accelerometers (pedometers) has been talked about for a number of years but it has needed some clever engineering to make the equipment tough enough for the cow, to gather sufficient data, transmit it effectively, hold

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