Bespoke training on your farm, in your conditions answering your challenges. Courses are delivered either personally by Nick or in partnership with a training partner.

  1. For ROMS courses see plus additional private workshop events/dates available
  2. Level 4 hoof trimming qualifications – 17th-21st Feb FULL
  3. Health Feet Programme – mobility mentor training (24th-26th Feb 2020)
  4. Cattle Lameness academy 25th March 2020
  5. National Association of Cattle Foot trimmers (16th-17th April 2020)
  6. Lameness in dairy cattle 3 days seminar 5-7th May (Gloucester)
  7. Cattle Hoofcare Standards Board 17th June at RAU
  8. Level 4 hoof trimming qualifications – 18-22nd May 1 space; further dates TBC

For more information please email