Here are the range of services on general offer to farmers, trimmers and veterinary practitioners: Dairy Herd Health Services

If you want something bespoke please speak to Nick.

Fees are set competitively, agree on a case-by-case basis and I aim to offer good value for money. Fees will be dependent on:

  1. Where you are in the country/world in relation to Dorset, England (travel time from BH21)
  2. How much homework and investigative rigour is needed before and after a visit – data analysis, reporting, investigation
  3. Reasonable costs – travel, overnight accommodation, consumables (e.g. blocks, bandages etc)
  4. How much time is involved (budget around £100-125/hour +VAT)

I have various questionnaires and data requests I try to organise before I meet a new client, to make the visit as efficient as possible. Here are my standard terms and conditions (click here).

For a quote or to request terms and conditions, please contact Nick at info@herdhealth.co.uk or complete our contact form.