Assessment and Advice

Assessment of herd health can be conducted with a farm visit, gathering of new clinical data (e.g. herd BCS score) or analysis of herd health data. The following data reviews are possible:

  • Disease risk factor review.
  • Clinical scoring – BCS, Hocks, Mobility, Claw length, Digital dermatitis, Rumen fill.
  • Data analysis – reports generated using Excel, Interherd, Interherd+, TotalVet.

Making confident, informed decisions can require:

  • Robust data analysis – using Uniform, Interherd, Interherd+, Summit, TotalVet, VetImpress and various bespoke spreadsheets
  • Evidence-based trial results in the published literature – using RCVS library access to all the major scientific journals
  • Practical details in case-studies, expert opinion, facilitated producer group meetings and reliable producer testimonials

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